Snow Stakes 

Our team is ready to help keep the snow equipment off your grass this winter.  These reflective snow stakes will also help keep you heading in the right direction.  Driveways, walkways and road edges are all things to consider having staked out. Each stake is $2.00.  Let us give you a quote to get your property all marked out. Just give us a call and we can get the job done for you today.

Ice Melt Delivery

We are ready to deliver!   Cutting Edge Pro PowerMelt is made from a three-way blend of sodium chloride crystals infused with calcium chloride and potassium chloride, creating a pet friendlier ice melt solution. This product works in extreme cold temperatures and has a corrosion inhibitor to reduce damage to concrete and property. The best thing is it won't track onto your carpets and floors.

We have a 3 bag minimum (50lb bags) for $45. and can be delivered right to your door.  If you would also like a 5 gallon bucket, cover and scoop we can provide that as well for an additional $10.